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DIY Garage Organization Hacks

Shoes piled by the door, balls rolling around, and last year's Christmas decor covering the table – garages provide a great space to cram all those seasonal or rarely used things. If this sounds like your garage, we have six simple solutions you can do today to organize your space.

Make use of a Pegboard

Garage Organization Pegboard

Hanging a pegboard on your garage wall is a versatile solution for organizing practically anything. You can add shelving and containers to the board for more storage and use hooks to hang things like wrenches or paint brushes by themselves.

Hang Your Yard Tools

Don't pull a Tom and Jerry by stepping on your shovel end and getting a surprise smack to the face. Cut and screw in short pieces of PVC pipe wide enough to hold each of your rakes, shovels or hoes. Avoid the pipe cutting by standing a palette upright and sliding the tools in between the boards.

Garage Organization Ice Tray Storage

Make a Spot for Small Stuff

Screws, nails, washers, and more can roll off your table and be lost forever. Keep track of these small things by taking time to put them in their own jars. For easier access, you can also use an old ice tray to separate and easily snag those little but useful items.

Garage Organization Ball Holder Bungee Cords

Pile Balls Between Bungee Cords

Prevent basketballs from rolling into your parking spot with a ball cage of bungee cords. Stretch the cord and hook it vertically with smaller bungees or a hard surface at the bottom. Throw in your soccer ball, football and bouncy balls after use so you're not stuck looking for them in the yard next time.

Store Cans Close Together

Just like with yard tools, PVC pipe can be perfect for holding cans of spray paint, cleaners, or even a cold one. But if you want to skip the pipe cutting, the best hack is using a shoe rack to hold your can collection.

Garage Organization Magnetic Strip

Save Time with a Magnetic Strip

Stick a magnetic strip along your table, pegboard or wall to keep up with small materials made of iron, cobalt or nickel. This includes your drill bits and small tools. The more powerful the magnetic strip, the larger of things can be added to it.

If you try any of these DIY hacks, show them off on your social media and be sure to tag JC Property Professionals! When you're ready to dive into some deeper DIY projects, don't miss our blogs on DIY industrial pipe shelves, DIY wooden drawer organizers, and a DIY boot tray.

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