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DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

Updated: May 20, 2022

Hey, if you’re going to use plumbing pipe for a DIY project anywhere in your house, it might as well be in the bathroom, right?!



For 3 shelves we used

(A) Coarse Thread Drywall Screws

(B) Floor Flange

(C) Nipple

(D) Cap


If you have shelves already in place, remove those shelves and patch any holes if necessary. Wipe the grease and grime off your plumbing parts. Goo Gone can be used on those. Screw one floor flange and one cap onto each nipple (ouch). These will be your brackets.

Spray paint the brackets and allow to thoroughly dry.

  • Decide where you want shelves to be.

  • If possible, try to align your flanges with wall studs. You may want to use dry wall anchors if you are unable to hit a stud with your placement of the brackets.

  • It looks best to have at least 2 1/2″ – 3″ between the outside of the bracket and the outside end of the board.Position your first bracket on the stud and screw into place.

  • You can use a pencil to mark the floor flange holes onto the wall if you want to drill pilot holes first.

  • Hold your second bracket in place, put the board on top of the bracket and the level on top of that.

  • Once the board is showing it is in a level position, screw the 2nd bracket into place.

  • Screw remaining shelves into place the same way making sure they are spaced equal distances apart and all the brackets are placed vertically in line with each other.

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