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DIY Boot Tray

Updated: May 20, 2022

One thing about having a wetter than normal year, is having more mud to go with it. It's easy to make a mess and track those muddy footprints all in the house or office. You could always take them off by the door, but that can look a bit messy. Our solution, a DIY Boot Tray!

What you need:

Two boards

Bottom Base of any kind


Hammer/Nails or Wood Glue

Measuring tape, pencil

Decorative Rocks


These measurements were just what we preferred. Make the tray perfect for your space by measuring where you're wanting to put it! Start by making your cuts and assembling your tray.

Stain or paint your boards before you assemble for the perfect custom look.

Next, pour in the rocks. Be sure to move them around to fill in all the spaces, however, he rocks don't need to be tightly packed in.

Once you have your rocks in place, your tray is complete! Time to go back out there and play in the mud, to test out your new creation of course!

Want more DIY tips and tricks to help personalize your nook or home?

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