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DIY Custom Wooden Drawer Organizers

Updated: Jun 21, 2022


Before you start, first you need to figure out what items will go in your drawers.

For your cooking utensils drawer, empty everything out and organize the items by type.  This will help to visualize where the compartments should be in each drawer.

After figuring out where you want each “type” of item to go, place all of the items back into the drawer in their compartment location. Here’s a layout example for cooking utensil:

  • Next, you need to measure around the items in your drawer to figure out how big each compartment of your organizer will be.

  • Before cutting, first make a cut list.

  • A cut list is basically what it sounds like – a list of all the sized pieces that you need to cut. When making a cut list, be sure write down the largest pieces first and then the small pieces after. That way when you are cutting, you don’t run out of wood.

  • Once all of the pieces are cut out, dry-fit them into the drawer.

  • Use a pencil to mark all of the places where a board intersected another board. That way you can assemble to pieces outside of the drawer and would know where to put the Loctite glue.

  • Glue pieces together in arrangement to fit your layout.

  • Let each piece dry for a few minutes so that it won't fall apart. Then move the compartments into the drawer and used the Loctite again to glue the compartments to the sides of each drawer.

Some of the pieces may have to be glued individually once the main compartment structure is in place.

Every drawer layout will be different, so the best way to assemble the dividers is to place the largest component first and then build onto the structure from there.

These custom drawer organizers are perfect for kitchen drawers, but can also be used in so many different places in your home.


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