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What A Healthy Tree Brings to your Property

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Planting new trees are important and offer many benefits to your property. With a little planning you can maximize the effects of healthy trees and bring your landscaping vision years into the future.

The shade is an easy thing healthy trees provide but even deeper than that, they cool the air around them in hotter months as water evaporates from the surface of the leaves. Yards with healthy shade trees can be up to 6 degrees cooler and 25 degrees on paved areas. Trees can block the wind in colder months, potentially protecting your home from heat loss.

Healthy trees impact the soil around them as well. Besides preventing exposure to direct sunlight during hotter months, tree canopies also reduce the amount of raindrops that reach the soil that if in a dry spell could cause flooding. Deep roots act as erosion control and can also help reduce the potential of washouts and floods.

Just some numbers, the average person inhales 386 pounds of oxygen a year. The average healthy tree can put out about 260 pounds of oxygen per year. One tree provides around half of the oxygen that you need. Not to mention 100 trees can remove 5 tons of carbon dioxide and 1,000 pounds of particulates and gaseous pollutants in a year.

Of course, dead trees aren't offering many benefits. If it looks like any trees on your property are showing signs of decay, rot, or part of the tree isn't supporting life like the rest. It may be in danger of falling at the next big wind or rainstorm.

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