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Not Hard Mowing-Your-Yard Tricks

Updated: May 20, 2022

Mowing the lawn may be a zen-like experience where you find your inner peace or a chore you dread from the moment you finish until you have to do it again. Whether it brings you joy to cut those even strips or the only joy is when you are done, here are a few tips that you may make your mowing experience even more enjoyable.


1. Slopes can be tricky whether you are using a push or riding lawnmower. However, depending on the mower you're using, the best way to handle it is different. A push lawnmower is safer moving across the slope, up and down is safest with a riding mower.

2. Keep the blades sharp and free from grass clogs. Build-up on the blades could cause the engine to sputter. Keeping the blades sharp will not only give you an even cut but help you work less.

3. Mowing in the same pattern every time could be problematic. The grass will begin to lean in the direction it is being cut. Switching up your cutting pattern every so often will prevent ruts from forming in your yard and make your grass stand straighter.

4. The 1/3 Rule. The general rule of thumb to prevent from cutting your grass too short is never to cut more 1/3 of the grass blade. Depending on the heat and precipitation amount, your lawn may survive if this happens once or twice but too frequently will kill the grass.

Bonus weed-eating tips

1. If the string spins counter-clockwise, cut from the right side and eject debris from the left. If clockwise, cut from the left as it ejects from the right.

2. Angle the trimmer slightly towards the area you are trimming. This allows you to give a better trim/taper on the area you are cutting. Angle perpendicularly to the ground around edges to create a hard, clean border.

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