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#ThrowbackThursday, Misery Whip

Updated: May 20, 2022

The two-man crosscut saw was colloquially known as a misery whip by the sawyers of the mid-17th century. There were primarily two types, Felling saws and Bucking saws- each had their own slightly modified design. Felling saws had narrower blades for wedges to be easily inserted. Bucking saws needed more strength, therefore had a wider blade. Both designs were designed to cut in both directions and each tooth designed to clear sawdust during a cut.

Two-man crosscut saws may not be commonly used today on a professional standard, but they still have exceeding usages to this day. Some trees are simply too large for modern chainsaws and require a crosscut. They are great to have for personal use as well, especially in residential areas where the sound of a running chainsaw may be too noisy.

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