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Let's Get Dirty: 3 Types of Dirt

Did you know that not all dirt is the same? We find ourselves playing and working in the dirt all the time and we're here to tell you that there are several different types of dirt, all best for different uses. Get to know these three main types to be sure you have the right dirt for your next outdoor project!


Natural topsoil comes from the topmost layer of soil, which has the highest concentration of organic material. Whether natural or manufactured, topsoil is an ideal and nutritious

growing environment. The most common types of topsoil include: clay, sandy, silt, chalk, peat, and loam soils. Each have their

own pros and cons - but we'll get into that on a different blog.

Fill Dirt

As the name suggests, fill dirt is generally used to fill holes or level terrain. It is not considered a growing medium. Unlike topsoil or compost, fill dirt lacks te nutrients for growth. Fill dirt generally contains a great deal of clay and sand. You can find "clean" fill dirt, which is free of pollution or contamination but often contains rocks, pavement, and other aggregates. Screened topsoil is where your dirt will be free of big lumps and debris.


Compost is decomposed organic material. It is rich in nutrients and microorganisms. When added to soil, compost creates an ecosystem that nourishes your plants and helps boost their natural defenses against pests and diseases. Check out our blog on how you can create your own compost with leaves from your yard!

Now that you know all the dirt on dirt, you can get started on your next dirty project. If you're looking for fill dirt, we can be your reliable source. Whether you need a pickup truck load or several loads by dump trucks, we have the dirt you need - and mulch! Just give our office a call to set up a pick-up time!

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