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Making Use of Mulch

Treating your landscaping to fresh mulch can improve your property's curb appeal and soil health year-round. Mulch helps keep soil moist and plants from drying out. It also reduces soil erosion and compaction. Let us guide you through the need-to-know info for getting started with a new mulch project.

When to Mulch

You can reap the most benefits from spreading mulch after spring planting, but fall and winter are great times as well. Spreading mulch during colder seasons keeps plants from moving as soil water freezes and thaws. Essentially, mulch can be applied whenever in order to improve landscaping.

Making Space

Create a border around the area to keep mulch from spilling out, stone and bricks are easy border materials. Be sure to remove any old mulch and then level the surface. Laying down landscape sheeting before pouring in new mulch can help later with weed control. Begin to place small piles of mulch into the areas and smooth them with hands or a rake. Be sure to leave any plants room to breathe by keeping one inch between the plant's base and the mulch.

How much Mulch?

If shopping for small quantities of mulch at a home improvement store, bags are usually sold by cubic feet. To determine how many cubic feet you'll need, first find out the square footage of the area you want to mulch. Multiply the length and width of the area. Choose how deep the mulch will be between 2 to 4-inches. Then, multiply the square footage by the depth in inches. A cubic foot of mulch will cover 12-square feet with about 1-inch of mulch, so divide that number by 12. For larger projects, JC Property Professionals sells wood mulch by the truckload and dump truck load.

Maintaining Mulch

Be sure to avoid overwatering the mulched area for at least one day. A light sprinkling will be enough to keep water contained and prevent seepage. If you ever spot mold on mulch, you'll want to gently turn the mulch and respread it to expose all areas to air and light for drying. The same process goes for when the mulch appearance becomes too faded. Although, fade is natural and happens quickly as your mulch is exposed to weather elements daily.

If you're looking to increase your curb appeal with some fresh mulch, JC Property Professionals sells truckloads and dump truck loads for small to medium-sized projects. Give our office a heads-up phone call and then load up! Find out more about our shop services here.

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