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Hitting the Newspapers from this Day in 1897, #ThrowbackThursday

Updated: May 20, 2022

123 years ago, the city of Marion was three years removed from the great fire that gutted the city. The residents simply rebuilt. Construction began shortly after, building the town on the foundation that it's the people not the structures that makes a community survive and thrive. Here are a few highlights from The Messenger, Marion's newspaper at the time, $1 for the entire year (paid in advance):

-Event being held monday for a church's benefit at the Eagle Hotel. "Grandmother of the Wind" will be performed by the ladies of the church followed by a concert. Refreshments will be served. Admission is 25 cents.

"You might take your best girl"

-Famous author of the times Bill Arp is coming to Marion November 8th!

(Old Fort residents can take the afternoon train to Marion then the midnight train home)

-The quarantine regulations are starting to affect travel. There has been delays on east bound passenger trains several times. (Quarantine farther south due to a spread of Yellow Fever)

-A new factory has been announced and is coming to Marion! (Possibly Marion Manufacturing, Marion's first factory)

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