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11 "To-Do's" Around Your Property Before Winter Arrives

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

As temperatures and leaves begin falling and the sunset begins setting earlier in the day, the signs that Winter and colder months are more apparent day-by-day. So what can you do to prepare for the hunker-in-months? Here are 11 things to check and prepare for now before Old Man Winter comes wondering in.

Inside (maybe a little outside too)

1) Reverse Ceiling Fans

On almost all ceiling fans is a switch that reverses the spinning of the blades. The blades should spin counter-clockwise to have colder air circulate down for Summer and clockwise for winter.

2) Clean Chimney

Several issues can come from non-routine maintenance. Hazardous smoke, significantly increased chance of fire, corrosion of chimney caps, the list just goes on and on. While some issues are cosmetic, others can be life threatening.

3) Pest Control

We humans aren't the only ones wanting to get cozy when it gets cold out. Rodents, insects, and in some cases even snakes will seek to sneak inside and stay rent free. It's harder to get them out than it is preventing them in the first place.

4) Caulking

It's easy for hot air to escape from window seals that...well aren't sealed. Make sure you aren't wasting hundreds on your power bill by doing this simple maintenance chore.


5) Gutters

Leaves falling can sure be pretty but they have to land somewhere. And when they collect in your gutters, it can cause catastrophic issues for your roof and your house. Water can collect and spill over, causing leaks in your roof. Add freezing temperatures and you have the potential of thousands of dollars in damage.

6) Drain Water Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Freezing water swells which can lead to major cracks and breaks in the lines. If this happens, your system is ruined and will need to be replaced. A little maintenance now could save a lot of maintenance (and money) later.

7) Seed Lawn and Mow Dry Leaves

On your last couple of mows for the season, don't rake first. I know, I know, I've gone crazy but the small, chopped-up pieces of leaves acts as a great fertilizer during the winter, a time when the lawn is lacking in nutrients the most.

8) Store Dry Items

Summer decorations, outside furniture on the lawn, really anything that won't be in use during the winter months. If it is on the lawn, it's probably going to kill the grass it is sitting on or looming over. Certain materials become brittle under cold temperatures.

9) Check Exterior Paint

Moisture and freezing temperatures are terrible scenarios for cracking paint. As the moisture sets in, the cold temperatures will help create cracks in the paint, causing it to chip.

10) Trees

Winter can be hard on trees, especially hard on ones dying, dead, or already decaying. Snow, bare winds, and low temperatures add enough stress to bring many branches, and whole trees, to their breaking points.

11) Roof

Clogged gutters aren't the only way to have a leak in your roof. A leak is either the start of an early problem, or the tip of the iceberg of a much larger, much more serious one. Have your roof checked by a professional to ensure you are safe from any leaks or more.

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