Stump Grinding

Complete Stump grinding- Stump Removal Services in Marion, NC. and Surrounding areas.

JC Tree Service is able to offer the the most versatile stump grinding services around by utilizing the best equipment offered from small walk behind grinder that will fit in a 36" wide gate to front mounted attachments on a skid steer for many small stumps in one area to large arm attachments on a full size trachea to grind many large stumps in a large area.

With these tools at our fingertips we can handle all your stump grinding needs quickly and effectively. 

What is Stump Grinding?

We bring in a machine and grind all the wood material left in the ground after your tree has been cut and hauled away. We grind the material 6" below the ground and remove the mulch. At this point you are left with a 6" indention in the ground which can be filled with top soil for leveling and planting purposes but no unsightly stump to get in the way anymore.


Marion, NC
Nebo, NC
Asheville, NC
Weaverville, NC

Waynesville, NC

Brevard, NC

Canton, NC

Candler, NC
Swannanoa, NC
Black Mountain, NC
Lake Lure, NC
Blowing Rock, NC
Grand Father Mountain, NC
Morganton, NC
Hickory, NC
Don’t see your town on the list? 
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