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WNC Common Trees

Updated: May 23, 2022

Loblolly Pines is a pine tree native to the south eastern united states. It is also known as a southern yellow pine. They can grow up to 115 feet tall and 5 feet round. They are found in the lowlands and is the second common tree in the us.

Red Maple is the most common tree in the united states. The red color associated with this tree makes it a popular candidate for landscaping. It's an invasive species only because it grows so easily.

There is many types of oak trees but are commonly identified by it's unique leave shape and acorns it produces. They can live to be hundreds of years old. They house many squirrels who feast on the natural food source.

Yellow poplars are also known as a tulip tree because of the tulip shaped flowers that bloom from this tree. They can get over 160 feet tall in our mountains and are labeled as the tallest eastern hardwood.

Sweet gum trees have star shaped leaves and drop "burrs". Once stepped on you will not think they are so sweet. They have deep ridged bark similar to an oak and was given an alternative name of "alligatorwood" due to the bark.

Hickory trees have 12 different species in the united states. The leaves have a spikey and oval appearance. They are also identified by the nuts that fall. We widely use them for the hard wood they produce to create tools, chips for smoking meat and much more.

Leyland Cypress trees are an evergreen and grow extremely fast. They are used in parks and gardens. They have small cones and short leaves. It only takes about 15 years to grow nearly 50 feet tall. You can trim and shape these trees to form hedges for decoration or privacy.

Bradford pears are recognized by it's white flowers and "fishy" smell. They are prone to breaking during storms or high winds. They have spread across the south quickly and are commonly removed due to the hazard and messes they make in yards.

Crepe Myrtles have beautiful smooth trunks and bright pink flowers. When pruning it is best to contact us because improper pruning can cause damage to the tree. Their blooms are long lasting through summer and make a beautiful addition to any yard.

When removing, pruning or trimming make sure to always contact a tree removal or tree service company to either have them due the work or to check on the proper time to do so. Improper pruning can damage a tree and cause the tree to become a future problem. When removing a tree it is always best to contact a professional because tree removal is a dangerous process and you could hurt yourself, others or your home.

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