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How much would it cost to demolish my house or commercial property?

Updated: May 23, 2022

Well just like anything else in this industry there are a lot of thing that can alter the cost of demolition. The national average cost to demolish a house is $9,438. However, keep in mind that the price you pay may be more or less than the average cost. Let's look at a little break down.

First of all you will need a demolition permit that in most municipalities is $100-$150. The next big factor that can drastically alter the cost is the possibility of asbestos or lead paint. Most houses built before 1980 will have some type of material that has asbestos in it. A Asbestos inspection by a qualified individual would be required before the actual demo cold start. The cost of this inspection could run from $500-$2000 and up depending on the size of the structure.

Next would be the actual demo of the structure. Most structure will fall into a category of $3-$10/Sq foot. A few deciding factors a demolition specialist will take into consideration will be:

  • Location of job site, can they get the equipment required for demo as well as trucks to the site.

  • How far is it to the property land fill to properly dispose of the material.

  • Weight of material. When the material is brought to the land fill the professional is charged per ton to dump the debris. If the structure is made of very heavy materials or multiple layers of materials the per square fool will increase.

  • Foundation, Since weight is a huge cost factor, removing the foundation will significantly add to the cost since it is a very heavy material. In some cases the specialist may be able to use the concrete/block at a different site and you may not have to pay for the dump bill on that section.

  • Lot prep. Will the specialist be required to back fill/ compact any areas to prep for a new build site? This time involved could add to the cost.

  • Vegetation around structure. Can the specialist get to the structure and work around it with ease? More obstacles can also add to the cost.

Want more info or have more question? Give us a call or send us a photo of your structure and address and we can give you free quote to remove it, or fill out our request form.

Still on the fence of whether or not you need to Demolish your house, office, commercial building or other structure? Check out this demolition promo video and our blog "How Do I Get Rid of a House or Commercial Building On My Property?"

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