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What We Do At JC Property Professionals

Whether your project is residential, commercial, or a large development, we offer the best of service and performance in grading, demolition, excavating, house site prep work, driveways and more! Serving the counties of McDowell, Buncombe, Avery, Burke, Catawba, Rutherfordton, Brevard, Hendersonville, and surrounding areas. This blog will dive into all the services we offer to help make your dream property a reality.

From compact loaders to full-size track hoes and dozers, we can do everything. That's rough grade to footers, basements, final grade and even slab prep. With some of the best operators around, there is no job too big or too small for us to handle:

  • House Site Prep

  • Correcting Drainage Patterns

  • Stabilizing Terrain

  • Correcting Erosion Issues

Have a lot that you are ready to turn into a productive piece of land? We have the equipment and expertise to remove all vegetation including stumps. With that vegetation, we can either burn, haul away or convert it into mulch. We have the equipment to mulch up to 7" material without causing any erosion or disturbing the land. From a dense patch of forest to a beautifully built home, we love being a part of every step of the process. But before you can set eyes on your dream home, you need to get your property cleared and prepped. We remove all unwanted trees and vegetation, do the rough and final grade, and fully prepare the property to be house site ready!

One of the absolute best things about where we live is the beautiful mountainous terrain. This, however, is one of the most difficult things when it comes to building a home or maximizing our yard space. Many times a retaining wall is necessary to achieve either of these things. We have built many retaining walls in Marion, NC and around Lake James out of many different materials.

From mini track hoes to full-size excavators, we can do any size job you throw our way. This often includes septic installations, basement excavation, rock removal, driveway stripping and ditch or erosion control.

With skid steers, mini excavators, and compactors there is no driveway we can't install or repair. We have installed many new driveways and roads in Marion, NC and surrounding areas as well as completely reworked many existing driveways to ensure they last for many years to come. Whether it be repairing a driveway that is already there or creating a new one that leads to where you want, we have all the tools to fix or build your new and improved driveway.

We have all the equipment to handle the demolition and removal of anything from a shed, single-wide, and 20,000-square-foot commercial buildings. Demolitions can be very rewarding but they are much more complicated than just tearing stuff apart and hauling it off. It takes lots of planning to methodically take something apart without causing any damage to surrounding structures, property, machines or even people. Our guys have years of experience in this and take all the right steps to be sure we destroy only what we are demoing.

Removing a mobile home is an easy and fun project for us. Most people may not know where to start when wanting to get rid of an unwanted mobile home or trailer. The size of a mobile home will be the main expense factor when looking into demolition. So of course, a double-wide demolition costs more than a single-wide demolition. More square footage means more work and debris. Whether you're demolishing it, deconstructing it, or relocating it, the size will matter.

Don't let the leftovers from a previous project get in the way of your new plan! Concrete can weigh tons (literally) and can quickly become a heavier job than anticipated. We have the equipment to remove concrete driveways, patios, retaining walls, block walls, etc.

Our roots are in tree service, but we now focus on serving clients in grading and demolitions. Lucky for us, there's often a lot of cross-over there. Only occasionally do we attend to solely tree service jobs, often in service of a previous grading or demolition client or in emergencies.

Before we were JC Property Professionals, we were JC Construction! This is just one of JCP's characteristics making us the perfect company to take your property from every step from an overgrown lot of trees to a gorgeous new home. Our current list for home builds is roughly two years out!

If one of these services piques your interest, go ahead and get a quote! We love visiting properties across western NC and putting smiles on our customers' faces. If this sounds like the kind of work you'd wake up happy to go do, we're hiring! Apply today right here.

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