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What Have We Been Up To This Month?

Updated: May 23, 2022

We started the month with a few nice dramatic changes! We are always excited to share with you all the fun projects we get to be apart of. We are proud to serve McDowell County and all the surrounding counties bringing to you full line tree service, grading, excavating, demolition and construction services!

These trees were overhanging this duplex carport which raised the concern of causing damage if another strong storm was to come through.

Our Grading Crew finished up the clearing on Highway 70 this week. This job required multiple stump and tree removals, leveling and cutting in a driveway for access to the site and a road on the backside of the lot. We finished the job off by laying some gravel along a section of the driveway.

Ever see a tree almost swallow a building? This one was almost there! Our tree crew came in and removed this large tree as well as some smaller trees on the front of the home.

The hurricane brought a little bit of wind to our area. It was just enough to cause trees that were barely hanging on from the last big storm to come crashing down. This homeowner found their tree had lost one whole side, thankfully it caused minimal damage to the home.

This old tree looked like the wind from a car passing by would cause it to come crashing down. It stood near power lines and if it was to fall it was in the range of a home. Our climber had to navigate it carefully to assure it didn't crumble under him. Once the pieces came down they basically disintegrated!

This property owner needed a total of 14 trees removed from his property that overlooked Lake James. This removal allowed the homeowner to have a cleaner view as well as a cleaner path down to the beach access area.

This tree stuck out like a sore thumb! It was the tallest tree on the property and if it was to fall it would definitely cause some unwanted damage to this beautiful home! But we never get tired of the beautiful views all around Lake James.

We had to pull out the big guns for this one! This large tree was fixed between power lines, a freshly built fence and in close proximity to multiple homes. We moved very carefully to assure no property or crew members were in danger.

NEW SKYSCRAPER COMING TO DOWNTOWN MARION?! Nope, that large crane towering over downtown was actually helping us bring life back to an old building. If you saw the post earlier you saw the extensive damage that was caused to the roofing structure over the years. The crane was needed to help us lift steel beams and new roofing trusses for us to rebuild the roofing structure that will allow this building to last many more years!

We have stayed busy this month and we're continuing on that trend as we start off fall in the mountains. To see more of what we did last month check out our facebook page!

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