What Happens To Logs After Tree Removal Jobs

When completing any type of service we always try to utilize 100% of all materials left over from the job. With tree service jobs the large majority of our logs go to lumber yards like Columbia Carolina. They then take them to their mill and turn the wood into various types of wood products. Before we load the logs onto our trucks and send them out there is a few steps we must take to assure they are ready.

First our JCP2 Full Line Tree Service Crew arrives on the job site and assesses the property and the best way to remove the tree to salvage the material. When a tree in a hard to reach spot, maybe between power lines or close to a home a longer but safer process must be used. The tree crew has a designated climber that will piece away the tree allowing the ground crew to safely hoist the large pieces to the ground and clean up. When choosing which rope is best for the circumstances the tree service crew is in a few criteria they go over is: Rope strength, rope diameter, proper safety gear and the correct tree cutting equipment. Each rope used has a different purpose and is often colored based on the uses. Double Braided lines are best for overall rigging and the diameters can vary but typically a 9/16" is used most frequently but other sizes can also be used.

When the tree service crew is removing the various pieces of a tree they must keep in mind the measurements the lumber yard needs to purchase the log from a supplier. Taylor Stafford who is a team member of our JC Property Professionals Team explains those specifications below.

After our delivery to the lumber yard our crews can then finish the cleanup process and utilizing the remaining material on the job site. The remaining material would then be chipped and hauled off to be used at mulch, ground coverage, composting material or erosion control needed while prepping for long term fixes. A small tree job can supply enough mulch to mulch another area on the property. If the customer would prefer our ground crew could leave the chips in large piles or spread across a specified area.

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