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We're Halfway Through The Year What Have We Done!?

Updated: May 23, 2022

The first week of January was the start of something great. Our JCP2 Crew started a process of self development as a group. We will be learning lessons together to grow in all aspects of our lives and I couldn’t be more proud standing in front of these guys as they all learn, grow and thrive together throughout the year.

We followed up the new year by clearing out the back side of this home located in Marion, NC which never had a chance to dry out due to all the over grown vegetation. We removed the trees along the back side of the home. This tree removal allowed some wind and sun get in there to make this home last much longer!

In February our Construction Crew finished up a roof install and deck build on a home before the rain came in letting these homeowners enjoy some time outside during what seems to be one of North Carolina's wettest years. The Construction Crew didn't stop there. They moved over to Lake Tahoma Road and worked with our Grading and Excavating Crew to put a new metal roof, vinyl siding and fix some grading on the back side of the property.

With a break in the rain our crews were very busy and constantly moving around. Our full line tree service crew was all over Western North Carolina busy with tree removals, tree trimming and vegetation control. Our construction crew was out working on multiple properties doing roof installs, home renovations and custom deck builds. The grading and excavating crew was our correcting driveway erosion due to rain as well as hauling dirt and gravel to customers who needed to touch up their property and driveways.

The rain shortly made it's appearance again and when it did we got a call that Point Lookout Trail in Old Fort, NC that goes up to Ridgecrest, NC was in need of help. The massive amounts of rain and storms had caused significant damage to the trails. Washouts left multiple mudslides and piles of debris throughout. This cleanup was a large job but once our Grading and Excavating Crew came in they cleared all the trails giving access to the beautiful views once again.

Next the grading and excavating crew moved on to waterproofing and installing new french drains along a home in Marion, NC. Digging along the home and pouring gravel with the french drains to allow the proper drainage and covering the home with new tar and plastic sheeting will help keep the moisture out of the lower part of this home. Compacting the soil after filling and sloping away from the home assures that after our crew is long gone no settling after rain will occur causing improper grading of the yard pushing excessive amounts of water directly towards the home.

By the end of April we had a major clean-up and grading job in Old Fort, NC. Big rocks made this job a little challenging but nothing our professionals couldn't handle.

Then a metal roof was installed on the home on the Montreat College campus located in Montreat, NC and a new garage build by Lake James had the trimming added to the outside perimeter. All of the JCP2 crews have been working hard and staying focused to assure that each job we completed small and large was finished in exceptional timing as well as leaving no detail untouched.

We also announced that thanks to all of our loyal customers and the continuing flow of support we receive daily we were able to purchase a new property that has since allowed us to expand daily. Our new location is 1767 E Court st., Marion, NC. Here is a before picture of the property but in order to see all the update work going on you will need to come by and check it out yourself!!

And then it was full steam ahead! Our Tree Service Crew spent a lot of time on Morgan Street in Marion, NC removing multiple trees on multiple properties that were a big concern to property owners. A large tree had fell on a home after all the constant rain and the other home owners eyes were opened to the threats their large trees held. The crew also spent some time at Lake James helping clear a view across the lake for a couple of homeowners.

The Grading and Excavating Crew also stayed busy working on repairing a bridge as well as correcting more driveway erosion.

To wrap up the first half of the year we acquired a new piece of equipment allowing us to have all the proper equipment needed to clear your lot, grade your lot and build you a beautiful custom home! Beautiful Properties Start Here!

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