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#TuesdayTips, Odd Housework Hacks that Work

Updated: May 20, 2022

Perhaps you have heard household tips, tricks, and hacks from your friends and family but we bet you never heard about these. We were going to give you just one tip for this Tuesday, but these 3 we found are just too odd to not share.

1. Use Cooking Spray To Fix A Squeaky Door Or Cabinet

If you don’t have a can of WD-40 handy, no need to fret. Cooking spray will also work wonders on

those squeaky doors or cabinets. Spray just a little on the hinges, and you should be squeak-free in no time.

2. Unscrew A Broken Lightbulb With A Potato

Have you ever broken a light bulb while it’s still in the socket? If so, you know how frustrating it can

be to remove it. But, you can use a potato to get it out without cutting your fingers.

Cut the potato in half, push the soft side into the broken bulb and turn it counterclockwise until the broken glass is embedded into the potato. Don’t forget to turn off the power and put on protective gloves before you attempt this hack!

3. Use A Rubber Band To Remove Stripped Screws

Place a rubber band over the head of the screw before trying to remove it with a screwdriver. That will add extra friction, allowing you to remove that stubborn stripped screw with ease.

These are a few highlights of the 19 hacks from If you enjoyed these, head over there to see more.

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