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#TuesdayTip, Saving Hundreds Could Cost Thousands

Updated: May 20, 2022


Cutting corners on the budget when constructing a house may save a couple hundred but could cost thousands in the long run.

Untreated wood absorbs moisture over time.

It's something unfortunate we experience quite often with our custom renovation jobs. The customer wants to have one part of their house or deck renovated but as the process begins and layers are removed, a bigger problem is revealed. Most often some kind of rotting in the wood that wasn't properly installed or was installed in a time when certain ordinances to protect homeowners were

not yet established.

It is easy for our expert crews to see what was a timely mistake of using an inferior product simply not designed to stand the test of time, when it was a crafting error such as a technique that wasn't executed properly, and when it was just out-right laziness and apathy from amateurs. All three can save you money at the time of building, but what is the real cost when structural damage can ensue years later?

Unfortunately, these problems lie hidden behind walls, under the weight of the house, and in areas long forgotten about, and we don't encounter these until our project takes us to these problem places. But for your future renovations, while it is good to save money, make sure your crafters understand the importance of longevity.


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