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#TuesdayTip, Avoid Chainsaw Mid-Cut Stucks

Updated: May 20, 2022

After the tree has fallen, when trimming your own limbs, make sure you have the equipment capable of the job you are wanting to handle. Good to go? Let's begin.

  • Locate the Pinch Point (typically near the base of a limb where the weight of the tree rests). There will be a 30% Relief Cut. You should feel the pressure immediately relieve.

  • Next, the point opposite of the Pinch Point is the Leverage Point. Your chainsaw is now free to give the remaining cut, unencumbered.

These aren't always easy to tell. But as you cut you will easily be able to distinguish which point the weight of the tree would bind the chainsaw. But now you are a professional and know about your points and their cuts, so chainsaws getting stuck are no longer your problem.

But watch out, the tree may move in the cutting process now it's weight has shifted off the limb.

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