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#Throwback Thursday, Social Media in 1916?

Updated: May 20, 2022

The 1916 McDowell Social Media scene was alive and thriving. There was no electricity, no smartphones, no snapchat filters, or Instagram food photos, but there were status updates via the Marion Progress.

If you are on any social media platform, you have seen a post about travel. A picture of the lake they're on, the trail they're at, the family they're with, a little notice that they are away from home.

This isn't a new concept, unique to the technology surge of the last few decades. While during research, we came upon this entry in the Marion Progress, circa May 11, 1916.

"Joe Hensley of Harmony Grove was here one-day last week."

"D.C. Brown was in Marion one day last week."

"Mr. and Mrs. William Tony and daughter, little Arminta, visited relatives at Nebo, Sunday."

These status updates were not met with like and heart reactions, and sharing was handing the paper to who asked for it, but when travel was strenuous and newspapers were the primary source of mass communication, it was the best way to let the people on their mental friendslist know what they were doing and if they were available in town.

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