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Spring Cleaning, Outside Edition

Updated: May 20, 2022

We all know (and most dread) the depths of Spring Cleaning. It involves a lot of the housework we spend most of the year avoiding.

But what about the outside?

Out there, Old Man Winter has been touching and changing the things we neglected during the colder months. Now that it is getting warmer outside again, what Spring Cleaning can be done to the yard or the outside of the house? Most of what can be done will save you money in the long run and prevent breakage.


1. Let's start with the roof

If there have been any snow accumulations, check for leaks or soft spots. The added weight and moisture could have found or created a weak spot. Leaves, sticks, or any other debris that could clog the gutters need to be removed.

2. Support the Porch

Sweeping and powering washing will give you the opportunity to inspect the wood or concrete for any damages. If all pass the test, applying a new coat of sealer will protect your porch from the April showers and Summer storms.

While you have the porch cleared off, clean all pots, gnomes, or other decorations that may not have been touched in months. Don't forget to check the baseboards at the bottom of the walls.

3. Garage

If you have a garage, now is the time to clean it and the tracks it opens and closes on. While you have the power washer you used for the deck, go ahead and hit the garage doors and walls.

4. Minor Landscaping

It may be hard to do before the spring flowers and color starts returning to your yard, but getting rid of any dead or undesired plants will provide more life and resources to the earth around it, benefitting the plants you do want to survive.

5. Curbside Appeal

With most of the major work taken care of, you are free to take a step back and simply look at your house. Try to imagine you are from a state over and this is your first time seeing your house. What stands out? What looks like it may not belong? What could look better?

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