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Simple DIY Fire Pit!

Updated: May 20, 2022

As the weather gets colder, the desire for a warm, crackling fire heats up. You could spend a lot of money buying a fire pit or you could spend an afternoon and build your own! There are hundreds of different ways and styles to build your own. Here is just one quick way, but feel free to expand on this idea to make your fire pit uniquely yours!

What you'll need:

About 30 bricks


Bucket full of gravel or other small stone

Spray Paint (or a way of marking the fire pit perimeter)

Step 1.

Lay your bricks out in a circle pattern (or the pattern you have decided).

Step 2.

Spray paint or mark the outer layer of the fire pit.

Step 3.

Remove the bricks and prepare to start digging.

Step 4.

Dig inside the area you have marked. Understand how deep you want to go before you start digging. If your outer wall is one brick tall, dig that far down, making the bottom flat.

Step 5.

Lay the bricks down on the bottom in the desired pattern. Add the gravel, stone, or rocks overtop, sorting and moving the rocks to fill in all empty spaces.

Have a more complicated idea or need to move some earth to create that perfect fire pit hangout area? Check out our awesome grading services and see how we can help you!

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