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Rough Grade and Final Grade

Updated: May 20, 2022

It's easy to know you need work on your property done, but it's a little harder to know where to begin or where to go next once you have started. Grading is one of those processes that can be broken into multiple steps. You may know you need grading done but since it happens in phases, what should you expect during the grading process?

Rough Grade

Assuming you have a plan in place already of what you are expecting your finished property to look like, then the first step is Rough Grading. During this part of the process, the landscape itself will change. Unwanted trees, stumps, and roots are removed, the area will be defined of where is being worked, and the ground level will be lowered in the workspace to make room for the topsoil that will come in the final grade. If any drainage pipes are to be installed, they will be at this time.

Final (or Finish) Grade

The final grade is just as it sounds, the final grade in the process. It is also known as the Finish Grade. During this process, topsoil will be added, graded, sloped, and packed in. Stakes are inserted into the ground to help bring the added topsoil to the required level to start the sloping part of the final grade. This stage is important because here the final major touches are made and the ground has to be prepared to pass inspections. When the desired sloping has been achieved, the last step is packing the in topsoil and to verify it is at the required height and slope for future inspections.

And now you're onto the next step of your property renovations!

Believe you're ready to start either stage of grading your property? Give us a call at 828-559-8222

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