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Prepping Your Home's Exterior for Fall

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

It's that time of the year for football games, holiday parties and spending quality time with family. To best enjoy your home with your loved ones this season, consider knocking out a few weekend chores that will help keep your home looking good year-round and save you money in the long run.

1. Take Care of Leaves in the Yard

Leaving leaves untouched on your yard can easily kill your grass by blocking sunlight. There are lots of options when it comes to how to handle fallen leaves. After you play in them a bit, read up on our recent blog for what to do with the leaves in your yard.

clogged gutters

2. Clean Your Gutters

Be sure that water is draining properly away from your home by cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. Fall is a perfect time as leaves will quickly block water's path. With an extension ladder and waterproof gloves, an efficient way to clean safely can be scooping leaves out with your hands. If you're worried about safety, don't hesitate to hire a professional.

3. Tree and Shrub Care

To care for your trees, consider hiring a professional that can spot signs of poor health and knows how to prune properly to avoid slowly killing the trees this winter. Trimming the dead limbs out of trees also will help prevent falling limbs during winter storms.

4. Repair From and Prevent Carpenter Bees

Fall is a great time to combat carpenter bee's as the eggs have hatched and mature bees are not yet looking for winter homes. Carpenter bees can be tricky pests to remove so finding this perfect time is essential. There are several ways to prevent these bees from returning and we've listed them on our blog!

5. Keeping Cold Air Out

Reduce energy consumption and reduce your energy bill by sealing up doors and windows with refreshed caulk or weatherstripping. Also be sure to give your home a double-check for the appropriate insulation, especially around your pipes that are at risk of freezing. Looking for more insightful tips on keeping your home heated, we have a blog about that!

With these simple chores out of the way, your home's exterior can be cozier and cleaner through the fall months. Before you know it, winter will be right around the corner. Get ahead of the game by catching up on our blog posts about winterizing your home, checking your roof, and de-icing hacks.


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