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Point Lookout Trail

Updated: May 23, 2022

We had the great pleasure this week of helping the McDowell Trails Association install new flags at the top of Point Lookout Trail in Old Fort, NC.

Point Lookout Trail is a 3.2 mile section of what used to be the Old Highway 70 from Old Fort to Ridgecrest. This trail has an amazing 50 mile view once you reach the top. There use to be an old gas station that sat where the flag pole now is as well as an old house on the hill and the old stairs still remain.

They plan to use this section of the trail to tie into the Fonta Flora trail that is in the makes.

"The Fonta Flora State Trail will cross McDowell County and connect Burke and Buncombe Counties. When this trail is completed from downtown Morganton to the River Arts District in Asheville, there will be approximately 75 miles of trail. Nearly half of the trail will be in McDowell County. Every effort will be made to keep the trail along the Catawba River."

You can reach this lookout by foot or bicycle. You can find the entrance in Old Fort by turning down Old Hwy 70 and continuing straight (instead of turning right to go to Andrew's Geyser) you will reach a gate and you can park and walk or bike. You can also reach the top entrance from Ridgecrest, you take the Ridgecrest exit and turn right if coming from McDowell or turn left if coming from Asheville and continue past the college and turn left once you reach the fork in the road you will see a pull off to park and continue down the trail.

For more information about what is going on with the local trails and greenways check out!


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