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#PicOftheWeek, Perspective (Getting Low)

Updated: May 20, 2022

It's all about perspective. Of all your tools as a photographer, perspective is often the easiest to control. Getting the safe shot is always important, it shows the viewer the scene as is and a way they can imagine themselves there without having to use much imagination.

But only safe shots can become very stagnant and boring. The easiest tool in your toolbox as a photographer to make a photo interesting is perspective. You control where you put the camera, what it sees, so you're responsible for what the viewer is taking in. Simply put, any angle or perspective the average human doesn't normally see is a great start.

The average male height is 5.6, 5.2 for ladies, so that is the height to NOT put your camera at. My first go-to is getting low.

There are many reasons why getting low can offer such a change in a photograph but the biggest is simply not everyone sees things from a low perspective, instantly making it a little different than the average view.

So the next time you are out taking photos of almost any subject, try a few different perspectives other than the level where your arms default. Get low, get high, and even get close (within a safe distance, of course).

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