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#PicOfTheWeek, Panoramas

Updated: May 20, 2022

If the job site or subject is too large for a single picture, a panoramic photo is a great tool to use.

At a new metal roof job with JC Construction, I wanted to show the mountains and the round roof in the same photo. But with the height and close proximity of the trees, doing so in a single photo would have been impossible.

So I took three photos:

There are several different techniques for creating a panorama, all of which create a slightly different finished product. For example, I wanted to show the top of the roof specifically and the mountains, so I left the drone hovering in one position and moved only the camera.

Another option in that scenario would have been to move the drone but leave the camera locked in position. This could have shown the side of the house, the depth of the roof, the tallness of the trees.

The final photo after a little photoshop work:

Some cameras have the function built-in, most newer phones have panoramic modes, and of course, using a post-production software can yield the same results. It may take a few attempts, but the end results are simply one of a kind. So go out, try and fail, try again, and keep on trying until you are satisfied with your results!

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