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#PicoftheWeek, Love What You Do

Updated: May 20, 2022

Rain was in the forecast and you could feel it in the air. Lunch was over and it was time to kick it back in gear. One drip. Two drips. And just like that the rain had arrived. There wasn't much left on this roof that needed metal but any amount of water on this steep one and it would be dangerous.

So Juan sprung into action.

Without climbing onto the steep roof, he installed the sheets he could reach from the scaffolding or while standing on the flatter porch roof. Before the heavy rains set in, he completed the section needed and while smiling the entire time.

I'm standing on the same scaffolding platform as Juan. The four things I was focused on at this moment:

  1. Capture the emotion.

  2. Capture the work and concentration.

  3. Leading lines to frame his face (with the wood texture on the beams and metal he is holding on the right and the sweeping curve of the driveway that does not connect or touch his face or body)

  4. Do. Not. Fall. (I found out working on another roof at a previous job that I am indeed slightly spooked of heights)

The first two points of emphasis were simply a matter of timing. He was joking with another worker on-site, so the emotion was almost always there. He worked so fast those moments of concentration happened in a flash, same as when he would lay a piece, you could tell this wasn't his first rodeo.

The final two points were a matter of where I put myself. Depending on my distance from him and the zoom choice, I could achieve how I wanted this photo framed in a combination of ways.

The PicoftheWeek is supposed to be just one picture, but here's a couple more from this job, it'll be our secret:

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