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#PicOfTheWeek, Carpenter's Hands

Updated: May 20, 2022


The proper exposure gave to even lighting in the foreground with a quick, dramatic drop into darkness. This lighting pattern was instantly eye-catching. A doorway was being replaced with more modern-style windows at this house renovation. Just a small part of this overall project. It was a cloudy morning. The side of the board facing the camera and hands were outside the house, while the rest of the body was inside the powerless home.

Two things I opt for when framing a photo:

1) How clean or cluttered is the background? Is it adding or taking away from the subject?

2) What are the leading lines, and where are they taking your eyes?

This photo checked my first two observations off the list instantly. You can't get much cleaner than a fade into darkness and the lines lead your eye right to and over the subject.

He was moving quickly. Putting attention on each board but clearly operating for a larger picture. You could tell this wasn't his first build, his hands were molded by experience. I noticed the vigor used to get the task completed but also the finesse to meticulously place the board in the correct spot, balance.


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