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#Picofthemonth: Photographer Breakdown

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

A lot is going on at each job site, so our photographer - David Lacy - does a good bit of running around and fast reacting to get the perfect shots he gets. That doesn't mean there's not a whole lot of thought and strategy behind the photogenic pieces you see across our socials. Let David walk you through his thought process behind this month's spotlight photo that highlights all the things we want to capture at JCP.

Field laborer putting chains on retaining wall block.

First, Faces

We're very intentional to show the faces of the guys working hard in the field – or having a laugh by the trucks. Faces are our top priority when shooting to catch the authenticity of what’s really going on.


Capturing the action in a frame adds a special element to the photo and a fun layer when the subject is doing something. Getting lots of action shots through each day helps us tell the story of how JC Property Professionals works.

A Chain Reaction: Framing

You see the chains? That's a frame! It’s awesome when you find a way to frame the subject with something in the work environment. This one is extra special because it's a moment that can't be naturally replicated.

Foreground and Background

Having layers in your photos will generally make them more interesting. The viewers can see multiple storylines in one snapshot. For this photo, the logo in the background was a bonus!

Looking for Leading Lines

You can see some slight leading lines with the retaining wall bricks here. It’s not obvious, but that can be a good thing for illusion.

Camera Settings

Shutter Speed: 1/125

Aperture F 4.5

ISO 200

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Interested in more photography tips from us? Check out our past #Picsoftheweek about leading lines, capturing action, and framing!

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