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Pest Control Tips: Removing Moles

While Whac-A-Mole may be fun to play in the arcade, getting rid of moles in your own yard can be a little more tricky. We're here to help you get a new high score with three ways to keep moles out of your green grass.

We're not just making a mountain out of a molehill, moles can cause serious damage to your grass, plants, and your driveway. We've been called out to repair driveways that like this one (left) that cave in after a mole hole lead to underground water damage.

Here's what to check for if you suspect moles are calling your yard home:

  • Small raised mounds of dirt

  • Tunnel holes in the ground

  • Your dog carrying small black and grey animals with pink noses to your door

If moles have already infiltrated your yard, there are several home remedies alternative to trapping and killing.

Mole in dirt eating a grub worm.

1. Disturb Their Diet

Spraying insecticides to kill soil-dwelling insects like grub will help reduce the moles' palette to only earthworms and few other insects. Another more effective option is to spray a mixture of castor oil, dish detergent and water into the tunnels to upset the mole's digestive tract.

2. Get Stinky

If moles haven't found their way to your house yet this season, deter them by planting marigolds or daffodils that make them want to turn their noses elsewhere. The smell of your cats or dogs will also naturally deter moles from dropping by. Other smelly things like onions, fish, garlic, coffee grounds or rotten foods will scare off moles when placed as far down in their tunnels as possible.

Mole digging in dirt gif

3. Make Some Noise

Inserting an ultrasonic pest control device in the ground will drive moles away with irritating pulsing noises. You can create a sound-making device yourself using a glass bottle without the lid. Stick the bottle in the ground diagonally to catch the wind and create vibrations. Wind chimes placed close to the ground have the same effect. Moles' hatred for loud noises is the perfect excuse to turn the radio up an extra notch at your next cookout.

Try applying a couple of these simple mole control techniques in your yard and it will be moving day for moles before you know it. Having trouble with other critters? Don't miss our blogs for pest control tips against mice and carpenter bees.

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