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Patch things up

Updated: May 23, 2022

Whether from door knobs, roughhousing kids or overzealous plumbing or electrical repairs, holes happen. Fortunately, fixing holes in drywall doesn’t require a lot of skill or time. With the right supplies, it’s a cinch to get your wall back to it’s original condition.

Homax makes several patch and repair products to choose from. The size of the hole and it’s location should help to determine which product is right for the job.

If your hole is in a high traffic area, you should consider using a heavy duty Steel Wall Patch. Available in three sizes, 4" x 4", 6" x 6", and 8" x 8" – these patches adhere to the surface using an adhesive fiberglass mesh and provide a strong, permanent repair.

1. Lightly sand around the hole and wipe away any dirt or dust.

2. Apply the Wall Patch by peeling off the backing paper and pressing it to over the hole.

3. Apply a light coat of spackle or joint compound over the patch, covering it completely. Feather the edges outward, but be certain to cover the corners of the mesh fabric

4. Let dry, then lightly sand. Repeat as needed to eliminate any visible edges of the patch.

5. Reapply the matching texture over the patch, blending it in with the existing wall.

6. Repaint area. 

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