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Office Manager, Lisa!

Meet our Office Manager, Lisa Morgan!

Lisa Morgan, office manager at JC Property Professionals
Lisa is the friendly voice on the other end of your line when you give us a call. A Marion, NC native, Lisa has a degree in health information technology and has worked at JC Property Professionals for six months.


3 questions in 3 minutes (or less)

1. What is your favorite aspect of this job?

"I like learning new things and being able to grow professionally. My job is very important to me. I never thought I would like crunching numbers all day but I actually do."

2. What makes this more than just a job?

"Here you can have professional growth and development. I learn new things on a daily basis. Also, we have a work family here."

3. What led you to work at JC Property Professionals?

“I feel most at home in an office setting but I was working in customer service and the owner, John Seaman, came through quite often. I told him I had office management experience, a degree, and that I would love to come work for him. A while went by and he dropped off a business card. I actually was not there that day and my coworkers sent me a picture of it. I called him, sent him my resume and letters of recommendation, and he hired me on the spot.”

Call us today for a quote on your upcoming grading or demolition project and talk to Lisa!

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