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Main Street Reno!

Updated: May 23, 2022

Downtown Marion, NC is full of deep history. The buildings hide secrets that are not known until uncovered. We have had the pleasure over the past several years to bring these buildings back to life. Recently we renovated a commercial spot next to the court house. Once the floors were tore up it shun light on a musty but neat hidden feature.

Our Construction Crew took a tour of Marion's old gun range. The mud basement many years ago had been hand dug to form a tunnel that circles the full length of the


The individual scraps are still present. Bullet holes cover every wall. It gives an eerie vibe to the building when the floors cover the tunnel but with the hardwood flooring gone it's quite amazing.

The architecture of the upper levels are beautiful. Large open floor plan on the main level with a large stair case leading to the top floor. The top level use to house a dance studio but has since been abandoned. Decorative ceiling tiles, hardwood flooring and a lovely view looking down on main street.

The upper level is coated with dust and is ready for a new renter to rattle it's bones again and bring out it's beauty. We finished this commercial building remodel with a new floor structure, hardwood flooring, drywall and a new coat of paint.

The main bathroom needs to be updated as well so our Construction Crew chose ceramic tile that fit the overall style of this building making sure to not make it to "modern".

It's always a pleasure to be able to help beautify McDowell County especially to bring our growing main street one step closer to being fully alive by opening up another renovated building for a new business. Clear it, Grade it, Build it!

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