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Lake James Retaining Wall

Updated: May 23, 2022

This homeowner recently bought this home on Lake James in Nebo, NC. Trees were blocking his view across the lake so we came in and cleared out the view.

Next he wanted to expand his outdoor entertaining area. The backyard was a sloping hill with very little flat land.

We expanded the flat area and built a large rock retaining wall around the lower end of the lot. We stacked large rock to give this property a natural look. Although retaining walls are built for a specific reason to help hold back soil you also want to incorporate it into your other landscaping features. We curved his wall to add extra interest.

We finished this retaining wall area with a thick layer of mulch. The mulch will help cover the mud for the season because of the hot weather grass would not grow.

This allows him to enjoy the area for the summer and if he decides next year he wants grass he can til the mulch and soil and plant seed.

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