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Kitchen Remodels Top To Bottom!

Updated: May 23, 2022

Ever thought about remodeling your kitchen but didn't know where to start? Maybe we can be of assistance!

Do you have only $100,000 to spend on your kitchen remodel? Doubtful. Whether you choose to hire a professional or DIY kitchen remodels should be a thought-through process. We doubt you have an unlimited budget so staying on task and budgeting before the remodel is always key.

First, we will start with the hidden factors.

Electrical and plumbing.

If you plan to use the existing kitchen layout then you will be eliminating a large amount of work but if you are switching some things around make sure you plot out the layout and how the plumbing and electrical will go. Lighting should be planned to combine general illumination with directed task lighting above sinks and food preparation areas. According to this is a good plan of action:

Order of Work for Refurbishing a Kitchen:

1. Reroute electrical wiring, if necessary

2. Reroute plumbing, including gas pipes, if necessary

3. Complete structural work on walls, ceilings, and floors

4. Install base cabinets then wall cabinets

5. Install countertops and backsplash

6. Install a sink and plumbing fixtures

7. Install stove (or separate stove and oven)

8. Install exhaust fan

Next Flooring.

Bet you thought cabinets would be next. You want to lay down the flooring first then put any new cabinets on top of the flooring. If you are doing this DIY you definitely want to make sure you choose a flooring that is easy to install such as vinyl or laminate. While these are affordable options as well you may want an upgrade to a tile or a hardwood. We suggest using a professional when using the more expensive harder to install flooring options because you don't want to purchase the large ticket item and be faced with uneven grouting, buckling or unlevel spots.


REUSE. Most people start demoing out the old cabinets thinking there is no hope. We love to push recycling materials and bringing life back to those old things. Sometimes all it needs is a little sanding and a coat of paint or stain. Don't overthink it. You can make those old cabinets look like those expensive high-end thousands of dollars cabinets.

Countertops and Backsplash.

These are very important and work hand in hand. Countertops and backsplash are the focal point of a kitchen remodel. They can be unique pieces or the wow factor. You want to take into consideration of the cabinet and flooring colors to make sure you are tying everything together so it is appealing to the eyes. There are many material options and most people choose affordable granite countertops.

Fine Details.

These are the luxury items you may see in magazines or tv but they are actually affordable! Soft-touch drawers, island storage, wine cooler. We're sure halfway through this project you will be saying NEVER AGAIN. So you better make sure you are getting your money's worth and getting every dream kitchen option you can afford in your budget!

Here are a few of our favorite options for each of the above bullets!

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