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JCP's 10 Commandments of Creativity

These marketing guidelines were developed by our Marketing Director, James Hughes, who has a knack for creative connectivity in anything visual. A poster of these 10 rules and reminders sits on our office wall as a daily motivation for creating the best marketing products and efforts we can.

  1. Create Work, not Excuses. Get stuff done! Overcome struggles to make things happen.

  2. Make it Interesting. Stand out from the crowd - do things differently.

  3. Use Proper Technique. Technique is clarity. Make sure your message is clear.

  4. Deadlines are Immutable. Don't stop the flow. Other team members are counting on you.

  5. Think about your Work; Before, During, and After the Project. Think ahead but be in the moment. Learn from past mistakes.

  6. BE HONEST with Yourself when Evaluating your Work. Don't cheat yourself. Constructive criticism is constructive for a reason.

  7. If Better is Possible, Good is NOT Good Enough. Try your best and then do better. Believe in your abilities.

  8. Details Matter. The little things are what make the big things big!

  9. You Only get 1 Chance to Make a 1st Impression. First impressions can make or break you.

  10. If it was Easy, There Would be no Reason to Pay a JC Property Professional. We are professionals for a reason!

We hope sharing our creative values inspires other creatives to set their values in stone and follow them daily, as our marketing team does! Keep up with what our marketing team is working on by following us on our socials and meeting with them at local festivals!

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