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Invasive and Potentially Dangerous Trees

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Did you know that these commonly spotted trees may cause damage to your home, property or animals! Give this a share to help warm other homeowners of the threats these trees may cause.


This popular tree was once first used for a decorative piece in gardens but has sense spread outside of the marked boundaries and has spread rapidly. The beautiful bright pink flowers attracts many nectar loving insects and animals but once the bloom dies the pods contain a toxin that is very harmful to animals.

Tree of Heaven

This tree grows well in poor soil which gives it the opportunity to thrive alone roadsides. This causes our roadsides to be come over crowded with plant life making it hard to see past curves or see any wildlife that may be trying to cross the road. The seeds to these plants are light and fly through the air spreading quick. These trees hold no significant benefits for nature thus meaning that to reduce the invasive properties they hold and potential threats we suggest removing them.

Bradford Pear Tree

It is not secret that these trees not only have a foul smell but can cause a lot of damage to homes if not cared for properly. Bradford Pear Trees have brittle limbs and have the tendency to break which if over a home or deck may be problematic. We can help with your Bradford Pear tree removal even if the tree may be in a tough and difficult spot.

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