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Updated: May 23, 2022

August has been a busy month for the JC Crews! We have been all over Western North Carolina with tree removals, lot clearing and roofing jobs.

The first week our Construction Service Crew finished up a custom deck over looking the beautiful Lake James. This deck helped the homeowner be able to enjoy those scenic views every evening!

While on opposite side of the county in Glenwood, NC our Tree Service Crew worked on removing a few large trees on a property.

Our Grading crew was hard at work expanding parking area and building a retaining wall for a new local gym BattleGround Strength and Fitness.

Next there was a very tricky tree removal where 2 trees were butted right next to this homes deck. With caution we were able to safely get these trees down giving the homeowner the chance to not have to worry about weather bringing them down instead.

During this time the Grading and Excavating Crew was out working on cutting in a driveway for a new garage building site. Cutting in the driveway and laying gravel will allow any construction or personal vehicle to access the area without having to worry about getting stuck in the mud.

After they completed the driveway job the crew then moved on to a massive stump removal job along some railroad tracks in McDowell County. These stumps required heavy machinery and wasn't an easy task to complete but with a large amount of work the Grading Crew was able to clear the lot.

The last week of this month a massive microburst storm came through Marion, NC. This storm caused a lot of damage with no warning leaving a lot of homeowners and downtown struggling to recover quickly. We received multiple emergency calls where trees were on vehicles and mutliple homes. Not only did trees cause property damage but it also took out power to all of main street causing businesses to close for a day and a half. We we're glad to help and made sure we got every homeowner properly taken care of. We hate that we have to offer emergency tree removal as it is never an expected call for the homeowner but we are glad we are able to help.

We finished up this month with beautiful view clearing of Shortoff Mountain. This home site had this mountain range in site but was blocked by a line of trees but our Tree Service Crew took care of that!

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