How Do We Remove Trees In Tricky Spots?

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Most people are use to watching a tree service company drop a tree in one full piece, planning where it will fall and notching out the bottom of the tree to assure it falls at that angle but bringing a tree down is not always that simple.

When a tree in a hard to reach spot, maybe between power lines or close to a home a longer but safer process must be used. The tree crew has a designated climber that will piece away the tree allowing the ground crew to safely hoist the large pieces to the ground and clean up. When using this process a series of ropes is used.

When choosing which rope is best for the circumstances the tree service crew is in a few criteria they go over is: Rope strength, rope diameter, proper safety gear and the correct tree cutting equipment. Each rope used has a different purpose and is often colored based on the uses. Double Braided lines are best for overall rigging and the diameters can vary but typically a 9/16" is used most frequently but other sizes can also be used.

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