How do I know if my tree is dying?

Far to often I find myself in an awkward conversation in someones back yard who has called me to prune a tree that I know is as dead as a hammer or will be by the next season, I feel like its doing a disservice to trim or prune a tree that will soon be dead and have to be removed so I want to take a second to educate our customers about a few tell tale signs that a tree is dead or dying.

Clear signs that a tree is dead or dying:

  • Mushroom-type fungi growing at the base of the tree

  • Sawdust along the trunk base or root zone

  • Cracks in the trunk or major limbs

  • Hollow or decayed areas

  • Dots in the bark in lines or random pattern

  • Dead branches

  • Very dark soil at the base of the tree (particularly red oaks)

  • Lots of red ants around the base of a tree.

  • A large protruded area in a tree

  • Lack of, discolored or wilted foliage.

Some of these may not. be clear to see to the untrained eye but we will include some photos below of some examples.

If you have any concerns we recommend having an arborist come to your property and inspect your trees. We recommend this consultation in a few cases:

  1. If you have concerns about a particular tree.

  2. Annually,Just like all things on your property your trees need maintenance.

  3. After any bad storms where trees could have been stressed in their canopy or root system. Many times a tree may not fall during a storm but roots may have been broken and co-dominant trees may have sustained serious stress leaving them hazardous.

Call us today of you want to schedule a consultation.

What Ashe Beetles look like.

Lightning Struck Tree

Ashe tree dying, Missing foliage.

Saw Dust at base of tree

Browning leaves

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