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How Do I Get Rid Of a House or Commercial Building On My Property?

Updated: May 23, 2022

Do you have a house or commercial property on your land that you want removed but don't know how to go about it? There are a few options of how to get rid of an unwanted structure on your property and a few steps for those options.

1) First you need to find out if your structure has asbestos or lead paint by having a qualified professional inspect the property. You can either contact an asbestos abatement company or a demolition specialist who is could have the inspection done for you. One the inspection is done and shows no asbestos/lead or you have had these things abated.

2) At this point you need to have all services connected from the house:








3) The next step would be to begin the removal process. A lot of folks have the possibility of contacting their local fire department and having them burn the structure allowing some of the newer fireman practice in a real life situation. We always encourage this so that our local heroes are as ready as possible in an event they are needed. This process does require the there are no trees close to structure or any other structures close by and that the abatement has been done.

4) If burning is not possible you will need to hire a Demolition specialist to demolish the structure and load it in trucks and haul it to the local dump. Heavy equipment is needed and can be an intrusive process to your property but this is where hiring the right team is important. A lot of folks can pulverize a home or building but a top notch clean up job and caringness to the property can make a big difference in price but will leave you with a lot less work in the end. Be sure that who you hire has pulled a demolition permit (even if the structure was burnt) so the everything is properly recorded with the correct municipality.

5) If you're rebuilding on the same site, your demolition contractor can oftentimes use much of the same heavy equipment to prepare your site for the new house, whether grading or basement excavation is needed. You may save yourself some money by having a conversation with your demo specialist before the project begins about prepping the lot for your new building.

Disclaimer: We always encourage the reuse of any building materials possible especially for reclaimed purposes. You made add a step to the beginning of the process to have a reclaimed lumber specialist visit your site if you think there is any salvageable material.

Ready to move forward with a demo or want more info? Check out this demolition promo video and our blog "What would it cost to demolish my house or commercial property."

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