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Home Maintenance for Summer

The summer months are the time for lake days, barbecues and relaxation. But, you’re not the only one basking in the sun and cringing at rain showers, so is your home. Giving your home the summer maintenance love it deserves can save you from surprise repairs. We’ve compiled a guide of 10 maintenance checks you can do to protect your property this summer.

1. Power Wash

Power Washing Funny GIF

Heat and humidity speed up the growth of mold and mildew. Use a power washer with a mildew remover on your home's exterior, fencing, patio and driveway.

2. Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

Switch the direction of your ceiling fan to spin counter-clockwise. This pushes air down, creating a stronger breeze. Turn off your fan and locate the direction switch that is often on the side above the blades, then just flip the switch. After dusting your blades, turn that fan back on to cool off.

3. Check Your Deck

Look over your deck for rotting boards, loose nails or planks, and mold or mildew. Pour water on the deck to test if it puddles or bleeds through. If the water sinks in, it's time to reseal the deck for water damage protection.

4. More Mulch!

Lock in moisture to save your plants from heat strokes and weeds. Read more about how beneficial mulch is to your summer landscape here.

5. Clean out Gutters and Downspouts.

Gutters Should Not Require Weeding

Summer thunderstorms and high winds can throw extra debris into your gutters. Clean your gutters and downspouts to make sure rainwater is flowing off your roof. Also check your gutters for loose pieces pulling away from the house and the ground below for signs of erosion, meaning water is splashing down.

6. AC Maintenance

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For the cleanest and coolest air flow, make sure the fan is functioning well with clean coils and a new filter. Consider having your air-conditioning serviced to check for faulty wiring and to increase the lifespan of your unit.

7. Test Smoke Detectors

The systems in your home are more likely to overheat during the summer. Inspect your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and home timers and replace batteries if needed. If the smoke detector is over ten years old, replace it.

8. Check Your Roof

Summer is the ideal season to replace your roof. Storms can leave you with loose tiles or shingles. They can also loosen your roof’s flashing or metal strips around chimneys, vents, and satellite dishes. Have your roof checked to prevent water leakage and avoid emergency repairs later on. Also, take care of any mold or mildew up there with a spray-on roof cleaner.

Hole in the Roof

9. Attic and Basement

Break through the cobwebs in your attic to look for signs of mildew, dampness, pests, and leaks. Turn off the lights to spot any daylight peaking in. Then head down to the basement to check there for leaks, pests, mold and mildew.

10. Look for Leaks

Keeping your home cool can get expensive, save your money and the environment by checking your windows, doors and other openings for air leaks. If they’re not airtight, reseal openings with caulk or make the investment of replacing them.

Make sure you cross these 10 maintenance items off your checklist to protect your home this summer. If you're also concerned about the damage hot days will do to your yard, don't miss our blog on 6 Tips to Save your Landscape from a Heat Wave.

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