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Glenwood Lot Clearing

Updated: May 23, 2022

A couple years ago a property owner started a lot clearing project. He had all the trees cut and dropped. He reached out to us this month to have the rest of the project completed. Our grading crew bought a large excavator and bulldozer along and got this lot clearing started.

They began by creating piles of all the old logs to begin burning. Once all the piles were burnt to ashes they proceeded by excavating out large holes to bury all the remaining pieces. Next they pulled up all the stumps to grade a flat surface area for building.

At the bottom of the lot where the property meets the main road they cut a driveway to allow access to the top of the property.

The crew finished off this lot clearing job by grading various areas to keep the water from creating deep runoffs or puddling. This property owner plans to build multiple buildings to increase housing in Glenwood, NC.

This drone footage video shows the full coverage of the lot from beginning to end.

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