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  • James Hughes

How is Metal Roofing Made? Here is a quick video showing the process from roll to roof...

Updated: May 23, 2022

It is fascinating to watch the process from a roll of metal to final cut pieces ready to be installed on a happy home. (Custom Metal Products)


How it's Made

We have been asked many times from our customers, How is metal roofing made?, So we decides to make a quick video showing you the process. After the order has been taken, the operator will input the custom information into the machine's computer.

When that step has been completed, the machine feeds sheet metal from the roll at the beginning of the line.

As it feeds down the line, rollers bend and contour the sheet metal into the desired, programmed look, then cutting them into exact measurements as they finish the process, collecting at the end and ready to assemble.

At this point the Customer metal would be ready to be picked up or even delivered depending on your request.

Ready for your custom roof? Check out Custom Metals Products in Old Fort, NC.

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