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Essential Outdoor Power Tools for Fall

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Colder months and falling leaves make for mundane and back-breaking outdoor chores. One way to make things easier on yourself while saving time and energy is by using power tools. The options for power tools are practically endless, so we're here to tell you which one's are best suited for your to-do list this fall - or your Christmas list.

1. Leaf Blower

Skip the struggle of leaf raking and simply blow them away for a clean and clear lawn. Gas-powered blowers have enough force to blow away wet leaves and other heavy debris. Electric blowers can come in handheld models or in backpack form. Backpack models are best for blowing large areas and handheld models are often lightweight.

2. Chainsaw

Chainsaws are an essential for pruning in the fall and prepping trees for ice and snow. Whether you have a gas-powered, electric, or cordless chainsaw, they're a go-to tool for cleaning up after high-wind storms. When trimming back bushes or chopping down trees, keeping up with proper maintenance on your chainsaw is crucial.

Worx leaf shredder

3. Shredder

Investing in a leaf shredder will give you a plentiful supply of homemade mulch and compost. A shedder's screen determines the size of what's shreddable, so models with interchangeable screen sizes will leave you room to use it for different projects. Debating what to do with all that leaf matter? Don't miss our blog on how to use your leaves for composting and mulching.

4. Mulching Lawn Mower

Using a mulching mower or a mulching lawnmower blade can remove dead grass and leaves that are blocking your lawn from the sun. The blades grind up debris and turn them into food for the yard. Mulching also eliminates the need to remove that debris from the lawn, saving energy and saving time. Read more about how this tool produces some fantastic free lawn supplements here!

Prepping and maintaining your property in the fall can be a lot of work, but with these four power tools, the chores get quicker and easier without a doubt. For more tips and guidance on taking care of your home this season, check out our blogs on prepping your home's exterior for fall and what to do with leaves in your yard.

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