Fall is Almost Here

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

We don't realize it but fall is just around the corner! Our leaves in this area make sure to put on a show but there are a few steps that should be taken over the next couple of months to assure that your tree health and property are safe.

September is what we call whiplash month. We battle heavy storms, a pretend fall weather snap, and hot weather.

  • September is the best time to have a professional tree service crew come in and remove any trees that may fall with wind, heavy rain and heavy snow for the winter months.

  • Keep an eye out for any trees that may be diseased or infested with bugs because as time goes on they only get worse.

  • You can also plant trees during this time but make sure to do your research on the type of tree and the care it needs before planting.

October this is peak season of the leaf looking season and everyone adores tree more than ever during this time. You can help next seasons fall colors by following a couple of these points.

  • Prune branches that are diseased, dead, or that have the potential of snapping. This gives you less to worry about when harsh weather conditions are present and will prolong the life of the tree.

  • Lay down some fertilizer to give trees the nutrients they need to survive the fall and winter.

  • Add about 3” of mulch to the bases of your trees in order to keep organic matter and nutrients in the soil and retain moisture through the colder seasons. 

November isn't just about the prep for food to be thankful for and the countdown to Christmas. Your outdoor tree maintenance never ends.

  • Rake fallen leaves regularly. Leaves left to sit on your lawn under snow or rain offer an inviting home for mold and pests.

  • Water any young evergreen trees on your property.

  • Brace weak tree limbs that are in danger of falling but were not pruned before cold. Pruning at the incorrect time can cause the tree to suffer severe damage.

Of course, calling a tree care professional such as ourselves is a good idea. It is better to be safe than sorry. We don't want you to have to call us with an emergency tree removal call but we are here to help!

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