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Driveway Repair

Updated: May 23, 2022

With spring comes rain and lots of it! With rain comes the need for driveway repairs and JC Property Professional is here to help! The rain causes erosion throughout driveways without proper drainage techniques.

Our Grading and Excavating Crew can come in grade your driveway clean of holes, slope it correctly, re gravel and install drainage pipes along the driveway or where needed. If your driveway goes over a ditch and flooding from the overflowing ditch is washing away your driveway a few problems may be occurring.

The pipe under the way may be clogged or crushed, the ditch may not be deep enough to hold massive amounts of rain from large or long storms, or there may not be drain running under your driveway only a ditch on either side.

We can come in narrow down the problem and get it fixed as well as refinishing the driveway portions that are washed away.

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